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Developing leaders with purpose, passion, and intention.

Your leadership development journey begins today.  Regardless of whether you’re looking for a speaking engagement, leadership development, or coaching, Authentic Development is here to provide exceptional results.  We don’t just train, we transform with a human-centred approach to leadership that delivers results. 

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FREE Guide to Becoming a Better Leader!

Are you looking for ways to become a better leader? Look no further!

Whether you’re leading a team at work, in your community, working towards a promotion, or just wanting to develop your skills, these five steps will help you become a more effective and successful leader.



Get to Know Us

In a world where professionals and companies face countless challenges, Authentic Development provides leadership coaching and training that invites conversation, growth, and collaboration. At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to clients’ success. At Authentic Development, you’ll be able to unleash your teams untapped potential with research-based leadership solutions.  We invite you to explore our world-class content and leadership development workshop offerings which are designed for people from all backgrounds and professional fields.


With a focus on leadership development, smart decision-making, and innovative problem solving, it is our goal at Authentic Development to help professionals advance themselves, their professional staff, and develop their extended team while staying true to their core values.


We meet individuals where they are in their leadership

journey and help them reach their goals.

And then?


Set a new goal!

What can we do for you? 

We offer a variety of solutions to fit your need!

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Leadership Coaching

One of the most effective tools for taking leadership development deeper, one-on-one leadership coaching allows us to tap into a technique that is more sustainable for individuals, teams, and across your entire organization.  Our one-on-one personalized approach is tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Giving a Speech

Training Workshops

Host or attend one of our many training workshops covering topics such as: conflict resolution, managing people, emotional intelligence, communication, team building, coaching, and change management.  Our training workshops allow your team to explore transformational leadership techniques both in person, and virtually. 

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Team Building

Personalized team building sessions are focused on building a resilient, high performing team.  Our specialized leadership development techniques for team building drives impact and improves not only company bottom lines, but the lives and satisfaction of the people you work with every day. 

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